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Passageway Pop Up Launch


Come and chill THIS friday night - 8th December - from 7pm in this creative space curated Resolve and Chillcreate. A meeting of ideas and concepts surrounding the ever changing space in our beloved Brixton.

Immerse yourself within the installation built by Resolve, artwork by Chillcreate, photography by Luke Forsyth and pop up shop featuring local designers Chillcreate and Denim Recon. 

Bring your own booze, DJS welcome to bring their own vinyl, music, discussion, art and celebration - Welcome to Passageway!

We will utilize surplus cardboard containers sourced from Brixton Market and other shops and supermarkets in the local area to construct three wall-length structures for the space. The design aims to connect the space to the surrounding systems of trade, commerce and cultural exchange in the market by re-imagining an essential component of the market’s infrastructure as an essential part of the space’s structure.

Additionally, these structures act to reconfigure the blank wall space, challenging conventional ways of exhibiting visual work and staging talks and performances.

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